Student Commencement Speech

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Student Commencement Speech – This week, the University of Texas at Austin is preparing the podium and fireworks for the first Saturday’s celebration, the 131st.

In school history. In front of the Littlefield Fountain, countless graduates can be seen taking pictures under the tower, wearing gowns, bows and smiles. Some of the smiles are happy, others are a little nervous: As any college graduate can attest, the experience evokes conflicting emotions—the joy of reaching a milestone and uncertainty about the future. A painful start for the staff of the Ransom Center, as we send former undergraduate interns Alyssa O’Connell, Alyse Camus, Alexandra Bass, Elizabeth Barnes, Patrick Naeva, Emily Neia and Kelsey McKinney abroad to find … – luck. Our students are valued colleagues and friends and we will miss their energy, intelligence and good company.

Student Commencement Speech

Student Commencement Speech

Navigating this intersection of graduation and senior commencement has given rise to a form of address held each spring at colleges across the country: the commencement speech. Out of respect for our students, we’ve sifted through countless resumes in the archives collected at the Ransom Center to find advice that can help new alumni as they navigate careers, graduate schools, new cities, and unfamiliar experiences.

Graduation Speech Written

In the past few decades, writers and thinkers as diverse as Norman Mailer, William Faulkner, Diane Johnson, Lillian Hellman, Nancy Wilson Ross, David Foster Wallace, Elizabeth Hardwick, and Spalding Gray have advised students entering college life to make the most of life. a variety of ways, from sweeping speeches to political calls to action to spiritual reflection. Others, such as David Foster Wallace in his famous speech in 2005 at Kenyon College, used humor (diploma? “A notice of expulsion written in Latin”) to appeal to the audience before challenging the students to remain highly informed about the election process. they do every day, every hour.

Student Commencement Speech

Speaking to a group of musicians who graduated from Julliard, playwright Terrence McNally proposed a rule of absolute personal integrity: creating beauty and meaning based on one’s own needs, not those of a distant world.

While the written notes reflect the problems that writers face in choosing the right topic for a graduation speech (“The one thing you don’t do at graduation is talk about depressing things,” said Norman Mailer), many manuscript collections reveal the author’s depth. worries about whether they are intellectually competent enough to speak to a graduate audience, or a sense of being overwhelmed by the importance of the job. Spalding Gray, for example, known for the self-deprecating humor that made his plays and biographies so popular, assured the graduates in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island: “My heroes are still those who do their best in the face of war. His speech emphasizes humility and respect for the great, hidden world. Next to this speech is a one-page document entitled “The Graduation Speech I Never Made,” in which Gray questions his ability to know the meaning of his degree ( The Graduation Speech I Never Made . being able to remember where he was) or the graduation ceremony (he admits to jumping on his own) Acknowledging his false relationship to the first official culture, he encourages students to: “Feel free to create your own life. If you don’t like what you have, come up with something else. That can be a creative process.”

Student Commencement Speech

Volleyball’s Fanny Ahman Speaks At 2022 American University Commencement Ceremony

In a 1976 speech to graduates at Mount Holyoke, playwright Lillian Hellman urged students to support free speech, personal liberty, and public service: “The highest compliment I can pay you or any group of people who call themselves educated is that you believe that your job to make things better in this country is great.” Hellman was blacklisted by the Un-American Activities House in the early 1950s.

Speaking to an all-female class at Bennett Women’s College in 1957, novelist Nancy Wilson Ross discussed the freedoms women had already gained—freedom to vote, college education, work, and divorce—and encouraged the graduates to think deeply about spiritual contentment. that this freedom brings. “Peace comes from within; it is not something that can be relied upon from outside or obtained through material things and possessions, and in the world as it is today we will have to get it, if we get it at all, by internal discipline.’

Student Commencement Speech

We would like to assure the graduates that the Ransom Center’s archives bear witness to the fact that a person’s path to a “declaration of expulsion written in Latin” is not always easy. Often alongside the transcripts of the first lectures, which are often given during the writer’s career, there are papers documenting the writer’s problems in college: drinking, academic announcements, and letters home threatening to drop out. For the sake of prudence, we’ll refrain from naming names, but rest assured that even essayists have had their share of frustrating, embarrassing yearbook essays, and take-home essays. And failure and success followed degrees? It also means too much. Each podium route was carefully designed with ups and downs – and, perhaps most importantly, endurance. We send our best wishes to the Class of 2014 for academic commencement or Commencement.

Meghana Sai Iragavarapu Named Student Commencement Speaker For Duke

David Foster Wallace’s “This Water” commencement address given to Kenyon College graduates in 2005 is cited by many magazines and the Internet as one of the most moving commencement speeches ever given. Using his symbol of thinking and wisdom, Wallace assured the graduates that public education had helped them improve their thinking: “‘Learning to think’ really means learning to control your thoughts and your thoughts. It means knowing and knowing enough to choose what to listen to and to decide how to construct meaning from experience. Because if you can’t make that kind of decision in your adult life, you will be completely exhausted.”

Student Commencement Speech

Spalding Gray advised graduates to embrace the wonder of the unknown. Gray said that when his young son Forrest asked him a scary story, Gray replied, “Oh, my dear. . .look around you. It’s a scary story.'” But Gray also noted that “the thing I don’t add to it, and I should, is that it’s also a story about wonder and boredom and self-pity.” and filth and transgression and love.”

Spalding Gray’s “The Graduation Speech I Never Gave” reads like an exercise created by an anxious speaker. His last lines, which include double and misspelled words, read: “I’m sorry to say I have no idea. How can I choose [sic] to give me advice when my life is built like a bird’s nest, and I am still surprised and shocked at every dawn?’

Student Commencement Speech

Student Commencement Speaker

In 1983, writer Diane Johnson encouraged graduates of the University of California, Berkeley, to enter graduate life with a commitment to continued personal success: “Once you leave college, a lifetime of self-improvement becomes your social work and, in turn, your best chance for happiness.”

Playwright Terrence McNally’s address to Julliard graduating artists on May 22, 1998 emphasized the important role of art in contemporary culture. McNally encouraged the graduates to move forward with the confidence that society needs their gifts: “The world loves you. They may not know it, but they do. I just hope you know how much they love you. . . .The world is waiting for you and you have to give yourself.”

Student Commencement Speech

Cannon has helped a variety of scholars, scholars, and activists with their research in the Ransom Center’s book and collection of articles.

Student Commencement Speaker: Center For Coordinated Undergraduate Initiatives: Student Success: Division Of Undergraduate Education: Iupui

Is an online and print publication that shares stories and news about the Harry Ransom Center, its collections and the creative community that surrounds it. When valedictorian Priya Parkash took the stage at Wallace Wade Stadium for commencement ceremonies Sunday for the Class of 2022, she addressed the University as its “Duke Nation.”

Student Commencement Speech

This metaphor, along with other aspects of the language and style of Parkash’s speech, is very similar to that of Sarah Abushaar’s 2014 Harvard Commencement speech.

In his speech, Parkash, Trinity ’22, an international student from Pakistan, described his experience embracing “Duke Citizenship” over the past four years. Parkash, who previously served as the university’s news editor for The Chronicle and was a finalist in the 2022 Young Trustee undergraduate program, encouraged his fellow graduates to use their Duke education to “promote innovation.”

Student Commencement Speech

What Makes A Great Graduation Speech

Abushaar’s speech, titled “Harvard Spring,” called on the Class of 2014 to take the spirit of the “Harvard Nation” to the world and bring about change. His speech was a “tribute to the 2010 political upheaval known as the Arab Spring,” the statement said.

Parkash released a statement to The Chronicle on Tuesday evening through public relations firm Red Banyan.

Student Commencement Speech

“When I was asked to give the first speech, I was happy to be honored and I asked for advice from respected friends and family about the topics I could talk about. I was embarrassed and confused when I realized too late that some of the passages I wanted to talk about.

River Valley Alumni’s Anti Gay Commencement Speech Sparks Outrage

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