Thanksgiving Games

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Thanksgiving Games – Host the best Thanksgiving party with fun Thanksgiving Minute to Win It games for kids and adults – everyone from kids to grandmas will love to play! These Thanksgiving party games are perfect for all ages – challenging enough for older kids and adults, but simple enough for younger kids to join in on the fun!

We love Minute to Win It Games here, and we’re sure you will too! We previously shared 10 All-Occasion Minute to Win It Games , Outdoor Summer Minute to Win It Games , Halloween Minute to Win It Games , and now we bring you 10 SUPER awesome Thanksgiving Minute to Win It games! These games are so much fun for a Thanksgiving dinner party and they’d be great for the classroom too – they’re perfect for all ages, from kids to grandparents, so everyone can join the fun!

Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving Games


Best Printable Trivia Thanksgiving Games

These games can be scored in different ways which can be adjusted depending on the size of your party group. Usually, games are played individually in small parties (under 6-8 guests) and in groups in larger parties.

In individual games, the player tries to race against the clock (usually set to one or two minutes depending on the age group of the party and the difficulty level of the challenge), and points are awarded based on whether or not the challenge is passed. finished before time runs out. For these individual games, we usually choose that players get 3 points if they complete the task, 0 otherwise.

For larger parties, challenges are completed in smaller groups of 3-5 players at a time competing to beat the clock. A timer is set, and points are awarded based on whether the player is able to complete the task before time runs out. We want to add extra bonus points for the player who finishes first, so we score the following: 5 points if you finish first (or collect the most, etc.), 3 points if you complete the challenge and 0 if you don’t

At the end, points are tallied, and prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

Printable Thanksgiving Games Scattergories Game For

Stuff the Turkey Game – throw the “stuffing” into the turkey to score points. Set the timer for one minute and assign points to those who successfully throw 5 pieces of stuffing at the turkey. For group challenges, points can be awarded to the person who completes the task and/or the person who gets the most stuffing inside the turkey.

Turkey Bowling Game – Adjust the number of turkey cups used depending on the age and skill level of your guests. For an extra challenge, use a mini pumpkin instead of a ball!

Shoot Turkeys Game – Load your Nerf darts and shoot! Points can be awarded to players who reach a certain total target amount or to the person with the highest total.

Thanksgiving Games

Candy Corn Ring Toss – classic ring toss with a fun fall theme (AND they sparkle!)! Prize points to players who can ring 5 candy corns in one minute.

Free Thanksgiving Printables For Table Family Games And Activities!

Turkey Baster Relay Race – set a start and finish line and race to beat the clock! Points can be awarded to players who successfully complete a challenge or head-to-head race and award points to the winner of each race.

Turkey Feathers Game – Try to roll all six numbers in less than a minute! For a more difficult challenge, give players just 30 seconds to complete the task!

Flying Turkeys Game – Put those Nerf darts back out for this fun Flying Turkeys game! Players must knock down all the cups on the table within one minute to score!

Candy Corn Relay – run back and forth to fill a bowl of candy corn. Points can be awarded to players who complete the task in a minute (or two) time limit or for the winner of a head-to-head competition.

Simple And Fun Thanksgiving Game For Preschool & Pre K (free Printable)

Turkey Rockets – charge your turkey rocket and race to get through the hole! As before, points can be awarded to players who complete the task in under a minute or to the winner of a head-to-head race.

Candy Corn Stick Up – With just one hand, balance as many candy corns on the end as possible! For older children and adults, set a goal of 10-15 candy corn balances in a minute and 5-10 for younger children.

These fun Thanksgiving Minute to Win It games are sure to be a HUGE hit after your Thanksgiving dinner (or while you’re waiting for dinner to cook!)! Give prizes to the winners like this cute Turkey Trophy, Turkey Medals, Turkey Headbands, or Turkey Sunglasses!

Thanksgiving Games

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Thanksgiving Game Cards

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At work, virtual Thanksgiving is an example of a virtual team celebration and a thanksgiving activity, and can take the form of a virtual holiday party.

From online community service projects to swapping recipes to seasonal arts and crafts, here are some ideas for celebrating the Thanksgiving season with your remote team.

Table Talk Thanksgiving Conversation Game

Scavenger hunts are great ways to get your team fired up and engaged in online meetings. To run a lightning online scavenger hunt, give players directions one at a time and assign points to the first team that does the requested item or action.

Playing virtual Thanksgiving Bingo is a great way for teams to bond and learn more about each other. To play, split into breakout rooms for intimate conversations and randomize the results. We’ve created a sample map for you to use. Feel free to add your own directions.

Be sure to randomize the groups so that not everyone wins at once. Most importantly, take time to explain and share stories when marking squares. Chances are your team is a goldmine of golden Thanksgiving stories.

Thanksgiving Games

Icebreaker games are quick five to ten minute activities that help start conversations and build relationships. You can start with a classic game like Never Have I Ever, and add a Thanksgiving twist.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Games

Gratitude is not only about giving thanks, but also about giving back to those who may have fewer reasons to be happy. Many companies and individuals participated in community service projects in November. You and your remote crew can donate your time and effort through the online volunteering option below.

Many other organizations offer remote volunteer opportunities. You can also find volunteer options online through a local business or a charity affiliated with the company. Your team may decide to launch a new project, such as reading or writing to seniors, or creating a free tool for a community organization. If nothing else, you and your team can make an online group donation for a cause of choice.

Kindness to-do lists motivate team members to perform random acts of kindness. To start the challenge, give each teammate a list of tasks to complete. Make sure you set a time frame for completing the list. Then encourage staff to check off each item on the list.

At the end of the activity, ask teammates to share and reflect on the experience, and praise the kindest deeds. Feel free to encourage players to continue the good trades after the match!

Learning Activities For Thanksgiving School Days

Thanksgiving commemorates the collaboration between Native Americans and Pilgrims, and you can honor the tribes that helped the settlers survive by participating in a virtual history lesson.

Virtual workplaces are often lacking

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