Ways To Reduce Excel File Size

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Ways To Reduce Excel File Size – This guide will discuss three easy and simple methods on how to reduce file size using a macro in Excel.

Contains all empty cells, paper and formulas to remove unnecessary formatting Convert the compressed file to ZIP

Ways To Reduce Excel File Size

Ways To Reduce Excel File Size

Excel is a powerful tool with many functions and features that we can use. Because of the many functions, Excel’s file size can become too heavy and large.

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A heavy and large file will slow down features, functions and code. In addition, it can also slow down and destroy your data and documents. After all, it would be difficult to share a file with other people if its size is too heavy and large.

For example, Gmail only allows a 25 MB email address. Greater than that, you must first connect it to Google Drive. And this requires too much time and difficulty.

But reducing the size of the file would greatly help all these problems. If we reduce the file size, it will improve the speed and quality of our Excel file. It would be easier to share the file with others.

Basically, there are many ways to reduce the file size with a macro in Excel. And it depends on your preferences and the file itself to what you want to do to reduce the size.

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In particular, we will cover three methods to reduce file size with a macro in Excel. Plus, all of this is easy to do and probably won’t affect your data set and presentation.

If you want to send a file of Previous to your colleague for their review. But you noticed that the size of the file is too big. When you send it through Gmail, your goal is to reduce the size of your email to at least 25 MB.

To do this, you have tried to reduce the size of the file in various ways without causing too much damage or damage to your data and documents.

Ways To Reduce Excel File Size

Cool! Now let’s move on and learn how we can reduce the size of the macro file using Excel.

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There are times when we don’t use the entire spreadsheet. and we are left with tens or sometimes even hundreds of empty cells. If we need to reduce the file size of Excel file, the first thing we can do is delete the empty cells.

In addition, this is one of the methods provided that does not touch your data or cards in any way.

For example, we have several tiles in a file. But all the important information, data and charts are only on the first sheet, it is best for us to delete all other sheets and keep only the first sheet.

Now we can do something else with the empty cells. Basically, just right click in the empty row and click Delete.

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But if several rows of cells are empty, it is easier to delete them all at once. To do this, select all the empty rows. Then go to the Home tab and click on the three dots.

In the drop-down menu, select Delete and then Delete Leaf Rows. There is also an option to delete columns. So just read the empty columns and select Remove columns from the leaves.

Another feature that increases file size in Excel is the data format. For as it is the end, the author is the author of the school. All of these affect file size. However, it does not reduce the file size much. But all methods are welcome, especially in desperate times.

Ways To Reduce Excel File Size

If you use many data forms per file, it would take a long time to delete them all. But we can simply remove the data formatting all at once.

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To do this, we must first select the data that we want to remove from the form. Then go to the Home tab and click on the three dots. In the drop-down menu, click Click under Edit. Finally, click Clear Forms.

The last step is to try something that needs to be done outside of Excel. When the file is too large, we compress the file to reduce its size. Straight to the point, right? But this is the easiest and most simple method to do that which will give immediate results.

First, we need to save the previous file to our computer by compressing or deleting it. Click File. Then go to Save As and select Download Model.

After saving the file, you will find the file on your computer. Then, just click and select Compress to the executable file.

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Afterwards, the ZIP file will be sent to your computer, where you can extract the Excel file to a compressed folder. Otherwise, hanging on your computer, you can immediately get the compressed file.

And that’s about it! Now you’ve learned three easy ways to reduce file size with a macro in Excel. But these are easier methods that most likely won’t affect the necessary and important parts of your excel document.

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Ways To Reduce Excel File Size

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How To Reduce File Size With Macro In Excel

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Ways To Reduce Excel File Size

We can use several Excel functions to add a number of decimal places with a formula. Here’s a guide… All Excel files are too big. It’s like what takes minutes to open or save, everything takes twice as long.

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Florence, Senior Consultant at, has a few easy tricks up her sleeve that will help you reduce the size of your Excel files in seconds.

Before we teach you how to reduce your Excel file size, we’d first like to share a quick tip on reviewing an Excel workbook.

For financial professionals working in Transaction Services or Investment Banking, building models with tons of forms, tables, and spreadsheets is the norm. But the more comments, formulas, conditional forms, and hidden sheets you add, the heavier the Excelsior file becomes.

You can easily find out which files are the most important in your Excel file. To do this, make a copy of your Excel document and follow these steps;

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Spotting the most important excel sheets can help you choose which one to enter. For example “sheet26.xml” for about a third of the global volume. Usually, it corresponds to sheet n+1 in your Excel file. So, in the example above, the twenty-seventh sheet can be cut off to start.

Beware! The rule considers n+1 hidden leaves. If many sheets are hidden, it is difficult to find the right one. One way to make sure you’ll have the correct name is on the right sheet. Here is a detailed guide to find the name of the sheet.

The conditional format is useful when you need to highlight specific data. But it can quickly make your Excel file heavy. We recommend removing the conditional statement from your expansion as soon as you’re done with it. You must do this;

Ways To Reduce Excel File Size

If you want to remove the conditional formatting from all your cells, select Clear Rules from Entire Sheet.

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Did you know that Excel sheets can have up to one million rows? A good way to reduce your Excel file size is to remove empty rows and columns. Here’s how to do it:

We use all formulas above to dynamically manipulate and join data. But we often forget to remove them when we don’t need them.

Be sure to replace your formulas with their own values ​​to reduce your file size and your data footprint. Here is a quick way to do it;

The golden rule is to avoid images in Excel. If you need to use images, it’s always in use

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