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Website Roadmap – If you’re like most people, one of the biggest hurdles in learning how to code is knowing where to start and which direction to take. A simple Google search will line up a few options and angles to get it but if you’re a complete beginner who just can’t get over the hump of putting in a few lines of code that work, learning how to code can prove worthwhile. Much harder than you can imagine.

So when starting, the most appropriate way to proceed is by following a well-ordered scientific path; It is important that you follow the advice of real professionals who have been in the same position as you, and as you will soon find out, many experts in the coding field agree on the same path. That’s because they understand the field in great detail to organize the knowledge and know the most appropriate way to transform your novice programmer into a real professional.

Website Roadmap

Website Roadmap

Whether you want to become a front-end, back-end, or DevOps developer, this post focuses on a tested roadmap that tries to clear up any confusion you may experience as you begin your learning journey.

Web Development Roadmap

So, rather than encouraging you to pick up a hippie or trendy programming language, this roadmap focuses on making your learning curve as smooth as possible. You may decide to add your own twist to it, but the important thing is that you get an overall sense of the coding landscape so that you can develop a clear understanding of how different languages ​​play with each other.

The Choose a Path roadmap comes in 3 parts — where the first part is about some general coding skills that every web developer needs to familiarize themselves with before they can go ahead and bury their heads in anything.

The second part of the roadmap focuses on the front-end and back-end of web development. In this case, you have the option to decide whether you want to be a front-end developer or a back-end developer, or both if you want to do it. If your plan is to become a full-stack developer, then you’ll want to learn both. There is no escape.

For front-end development, you need to start by learning the basics – HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The roadmap details the specific areas to be covered on these three.

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You can also choose the framework you want to learn. Your options include Angular, Vue.js and React. If you have the energy for it, you can learn about all the frameworks, but you’re still fine with learning just one. However, if you choose to decline the suggestion, most coding experts will suggest you try Vue.js if your plans want to be different.

This roadmap details what to learn, but it doesn’t touch much on how to learn or where to acquire those skills. So in this post, we are trying to complement this roadmap segment by also providing a series of courses and books that you can use to learn about the languages, frameworks and some libraries mentioned in the roadmap.

Recommended path for front-end and back-end development (a) Git Git is one of the most widely used version control systems. As an aspiring developer, you need it so go over the basics of Git before you go ahead and try anything.

Website Roadmap

(b) SSH With SSH, it is possible to remove logins from other hosts. This makes it another popular networking concept that you definitely cannot do without.

Front End Web Developer Roadmap With Resources

(c) HTTP/HTTPS Understanding what HTTP protocol stands for is an important part of web development. They are at the heart of web development and developing a good understanding of how they affect your web operations can put you on the right track to understanding other programming concepts.

(d) Linux Command Line Basics/ Basic Terminal Use

(e) Data Structures and Algorithms These two are like the building blocks of any program you see floating around. In other words, both are the key to the next coding job you get. So make it a point to know about them in detail.

Speaking of which, you should start by choosing a course in the programming language you understand the most.

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(f) Character Encoding If you plan to code a global application where you will display information in different languages, you may find it necessary to develop a good understanding of character encoding. Basically, this program tells your browser what kind of data to show when someone opens the application.

(g) GitHub GitHub is just a code repository. As an aspiring coder, then you cannot survive without GitHub. Learn all you can about GitHub and how to get the most out of the platform.

If you want to become a front-end developer before the end of the year, it is important that you follow the provided front-end developer roadmap. Focus on the yellow box, which basically highlights everything you need to follow and learn. And right below the roadmap, there will be a series of useful resources like related books and courses to help you in the learning process.

Website Roadmap

(a) Basics It is natural: To become a perfect web developer, it is important that you start by learning all the basics of web. Learn about HTTP, web applications, hosting, CMS and web development in general to develop an aerial understanding of how the internet works before you move on and learn about other things.

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(b) HTML and CSS HTML and CSS are the heart of any web application you come across. HTML focuses on providing the much needed structure, while CSS focuses on styling your web application and making it better and visually appealing.

If you’re serious about becoming a front-end developer, then you won’t get anywhere without mastering both languages.

(c) JavaScript JavaScript is another pillar of web development that you cannot afford to ignore While HTML and CSS focus on offering web structure and styling, JavaScript is what brings it to life by adding some interactivity.

To become a backend developer in 2019, it is important that you follow the given backend map. Again, it is recommended that you start by following the yellow box, which basically touches on all the key techniques you need to learn.

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Apart from learning the three basic programming languages, especially JavaScript, you can go ahead and learn Node.Js, with which you can develop fully functional web applications without using any other programming language other than JavaScript.

That Wrap Internal has all the resources you need to grow your coding skills from complete beginner to true expert. Whether it’s free or paid, you have all the resources you need to do it, but if you’re looking for the best of these resources, you should be prepared to shell out some of your hard-earned cash for some of them.

Sandeep Mehta has 5+ years of experience as a web designer in Delhi. His expertise is HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other coding languages. He has developed and designed many unique static and dynamic websites. It develops websites of various platforms like WordPress websites, e-commerce websites and many more. They also share their knowledge and experience with designers, developers and clients which is very helpful.

Website Roadmap

I am a freelance SEO expert, digital marketing expert and website designer with 5+ years of experience. Read more about me: Track and align your product development from launch to maturity by creating a product roadmap. Meet deadlines and focus on the entire process.

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Product roadmaps are invaluable for aligning multiple teams on product strategy and when various goals and milestones will be achieved. From a project management point of view, they are also useful for different team members – especially developers – to focus on the most important tasks, make quick decisions and avoid scope reduction.

A product roadmap helps communicate the vision and progress of what’s to come for your product. She is a critical asset in aligning valuable teams and stakeholders around your strategy and priorities, including executives, engineering, marketing, customer success and sales. Product roadmapping can inform future project management, describe new features and product goals, and specify the life cycle of a new product.

Product managers are typically responsible for creating product roadmaps, prioritizing ideas collected from across the organization, and seeking support from various relevant stakeholders. Other teams and professionals also use product roadmaps to guide their decisions, including development, marketing, and design teams.

There are many different ways to create a product roadmap, and the structure you use depends on a variety of factors, including whether you’re an agile team or using a different model.

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