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Whatsapp Business Logo – A year ago, Facebook-owned WhatsApp officially unveiled its own app for small businesses. Today, WhatsApp Business has reached 5 million customers, the company says. It now makes the app easier to use on desktop and on the web by porting some popular features that were previously only available on mobile.

Quick Answers, also known as the last feature, allows businesses to answer common customer questions with pre-written answers. It’s similar to what Facebook introduced a few years ago, later called “Canned Replies”, which allowed business owners with Facebook pages to reply to customers with canned messages.

Whatsapp Business Logo

Whatsapp Business Logo

This feature combines with several other service features, such as an automatic welcome message that is triggered when a customer calls a business account or a “go away” message that can be scheduled for when you cannot immediately respond to new inquiries.

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The other two features, now rolling out to web and desktop users, are labels and chat list filters.

The former lets you organize contacts using labels, while the latter lets you filter chat lists by categories such as unread messages, groups, or mailing lists. Like quick replies, they used to be available on mobile.

The idea, the company says, is to make it easier for computer companies to send invoices, schedule appointments and answer customer inquiries. There is no need to pick up your phone to utilize such basic service features. WhatsApp has come a long way from a social messaging app to a valuable business tool, WhatsApp for Business. The platform was originally built as a messaging app that showed users the status of others, whether they were online or not.

People usually used it in social conversations. Within two years of the platform’s inception in 2009, WhatsApp became one of the top 20 apps in the US Apple App Store in 2011.

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The tech giant bought their app in 2014 despite co-founders Brian Acton and Ian Koum being fired from Facebook. WhatsApp remains Facebook’s biggest acquisition to date. The messaging app made headlines again in 2018 with the announcement of WhatsApp Business.

The tool is designed to connect small business owners with their customers. WhatsApp API helps large companies provide excellent customer service and push notifications to customers. In this article, we discuss how your business can best use this program for you. Here are the sections we will cover:

A business oriented solution is a completely separate entity from the original tool. The original WhatsApp was designed to connect friends and family, and their business solution was designed to connect businesses with customers wherever they are.

Whatsapp Business Logo

The original tool works like a social media and this offer is for commercial purposes only. But if you have your own business and personal phone, you can use each solution on one device. Each account must be registered to a unique phone number.

Whatsapp Business Has 50 Million Active Users, Adds Catalogue Link Sharing And Qr Codes

This tool is designed to enable users to provide concierge services to their users. Offering a business solution for WhatsApp users gives business owners of any size a personal touch when communicating with new and existing customers. As COVID has moved many businesses online, this is an incredibly valuable asset. This allows these companies to stand out from their competitors.

The platform has your customers’ best interests in mind because you can’t send them WhatsApp messages until they send the first correspondence or give you their phone number and your business chooses to communicate via WhatsApp. It also fully protects customer data.

If these customers start contacting you, the conversation will be free for 24 hours after their last message. The app also ensures a spam-free experience for customers who choose to contact your business, allowing them to feel confident using it to contact your business.

According to Oberlo, WhatsApp has about 2 billion users in 2020. Since 2018, this number has grown by half a billion per year. The users of the messaging app are spread all over the world and it is available in more than 180 countries and 60 different languages.

How To Get Started With The Whatsapp Business App

Simply put, WhatsApp is an increasingly popular app among users around the world. This popularity makes it easier for your customers to accept WhatsApp for a business solution. Here are a few more reasons why your business should use the tool.

As the above figures show, WhatsApp is a very popular app all over the world. Of course, your business needs to be located where many potential customers are. This combined with WhatsApp being an incredibly user-friendly platform makes it easy to onboard existing customers,

Using this platform to communicate with customers keeps these messages secure. Everything shared on WhatsApp is encrypted, meaning that only those participating in the chat can see this data. Those using the business solution can enjoy the same level of security.

Whatsapp Business Logo

So if a customer needs to share sensitive information, such as a credit card number, you can be sure that the information cannot be compromised.

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The secure communication channel provided by the platform can benefit many groups within your organization. Sales representatives can use the tool as a first point of contact and a way to send invoices to customers. Marketing team members may use different media delivery for individual marketing activities. The platform also offers support teams a quick and convenient way to handle customer issues.

You can also track the performance of these teams in the app. These teams can access WhatsApp from different devices at the same time. The program is also highly customizable, ensuring that it fits your unique business needs.

The business messaging app also offers a number of integrations that can benefit your business. One standout is its ability to connect to CRM. If you connect these two tools, the conversations from WhatsApp will appear in the CRM system. This means that all relevant data shared by customers will automatically appear in your CRM system, where it should go anyway.

WhatsApp offers three different solutions under its umbrella. Here’s a description of each tool available and which one is right for you. Each WhatsApp solution targets a specific demographic with features that serve a specific purpose.

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The platform’s flagship solution is for consumer use only and serves no commercial purpose. The original product is an easy way for friends and family to stay in touch with each other.

Because it sends messages over WiFi, people usually use the app instead of calling or texting when their loved ones are in another country. Users can also make and receive calls and video calls and keep in touch with friends and family.

This tool is a completely separate offering from the original tool, but essentially works the same and is available to both iPhone and Android users. Since the original tool was so popular, they decided it would be beneficial to allow businesses to join the WhatsApp community.

Whatsapp Business Logo

This tool allows businesses to easily connect with customers and create business profiles that help you grow your business. It’s a great tool for small businesses looking for an easy way to connect with customers and serve them better.

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The company’s latest offering is their API, which is aimed at mid-sized and enterprise businesses. This solution goes beyond the mobile app.

This is ideal for companies with technical resources that experience high message flow, as this API can connect to their existing front-end systems or help desk software. The tool can integrate with a number of third-party solutions in the software stack to ensure agents can manage tickets from WhatsApp.

The business app allows users to manage customer orders and answer any questions or concerns they may have. The tool makes responding to customer messages easier than ever. One example of this is the software’s ability to create templates to answer frequently asked questions. These saved answers can be accessed with a simple keyboard shortcut. This ensures that all customer requests are handled in a timely manner.

One of the most valuable propositions of a business solution is its statistical capabilities. This allows users to determine the level of customer interaction with them in the tool. You can see how many messages have been sent, delivered, read and received. This data provides insight into what works and what doesn’t, setting your program strategy.

How To Use Whatsapp For Business

The tool offers the ability to categorize messages and automate quick responses. With the ability to tag conversations with customers, you can stay organized and easily find them to continue the conversation. Messages can also be automated, e.g

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