What Is An Adoption Reference Letter?

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    What is an Adoption Reference Letter?

    An adoption reference letter is a document that helps adoptive parents provide evidence of their suitability to become parents. It is also known as a character reference letter or a recommendation letter. It is usually written by someone who knows the adoptive parents and can speak to the qualities they possess that make them great parents.

    Who Should Write Adoption Reference Letters?

    Adoption reference letters should come from trusted sources who can attest to the character and qualities of the adoptive parents. Such people might include close family members, friends, neighbors, employers, clergy, or other professionals who have known the couple for some time.

    What Should an Adoption Reference Letter Include?

    An adoption reference letter should include a clear statement of the writer’s relationship to the adoptive parents, as well as their opinion of their character. It should highlight positive attributes such as kindness, patience, and their commitment to family life. It should also include any relevant experiences that the writer has had with the couple, and any other information that might demonstrate their qualifications as parents.

    Sample Adoption Reference Letters

    • Sample 1:

      I have known the Smith family for the past five years and can attest to their commitment to their family life. They have always shown great kindness and patience with their children, and have demonstrated their ability to handle any situation with a level head. They are both devoted to the well-being of their children, and I am confident that they will be great parents to any adopted child.

    • Sample 2:

      I have known the Jones family for many years and can confidently say that they are a loving and supportive couple. They have always welcomed me into their home and have been nothing but kind and generous. They are both deeply devoted to their children, and their ability to provide a stable and nurturing home environment is unparalleled. I am confident that they will make great adoptive parents.

    • Sample 3:

      I have been friends with the Brown family for the past ten years and I can honestly say that they are some of the most loving and supportive people I have ever known. They have always been kind and patient with their children, and have always gone above and beyond to provide the best possible home environment for them. I am confident that they will make great adoptive parents and I strongly recommend them.


    Writing an adoption reference letter can be a great way to show your support for a couple who is looking to adopt. It is important that the letter be positive and include specific examples of the couple’s character and qualities that make them great parents. With a strong reference letter, the couple can be confident in their ability to provide a loving and supportive home for their adopted child.

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