Donut Chart Template: A Comprehensive Guide

Friday, November 24th 2023. | Chart Templates
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Donut charts are a popular data visualization tool used to represent numerical proportions in a circular format. They are similar to pie charts but with a hole in the center, giving them their distinctive donut shape. In this article, we will explore the concept of donut charts, their benefits, and provide you with some sample templates to get you started.

Benefits of Using Donut Charts

1. Easy to Understand: Donut charts provide a clear visual representation of data proportions, making it easier for viewers to interpret the information.

2. Effective Comparison: The circular format of donut charts allows for easy comparison between different data categories.

3. Focus on the Whole: The hole in the center of the donut chart draws attention to the total value, helping viewers understand the overall picture.

4. Attractive Design: Donut charts have a visually appealing design that can make your data more engaging and captivating to your audience.

5. Customization Options: Donut chart templates often come with various customization options, allowing you to personalize the design according to your needs and preferences.

Sample Donut Chart Templates

Here are five sample donut chart templates that you can use as a starting point for your data visualization projects:

1. Simple Donut Chart: This template features a basic donut chart design with customizable colors and labels.

2. Multi-level Donut Chart: This template allows you to create a donut chart with multiple levels, perfect for showcasing hierarchical data.

3. Gradient Donut Chart: This template adds a gradient effect to your donut chart, giving it a modern and visually appealing look.

4. 3D Donut Chart: This template adds a three-dimensional effect to your donut chart, making it more visually striking.

5. Animated Donut Chart: This template includes animation effects for your donut chart, adding an interactive element to your data visualization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What software can I use to create donut charts?

There are several software options available for creating donut charts, including Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, and Adobe Illustrator.

2. How do I choose the right colors for my donut chart?

When choosing colors for your donut chart, consider the purpose of your data visualization and the message you want to convey. Use contrasting colors to differentiate between data categories and ensure accessibility for color-blind viewers.

3. Can I add labels to my donut chart?

Yes, most donut chart templates allow you to add labels to your chart to provide additional information or clarify the data being represented.

4. Is it possible to customize the size of the hole in the center of the donut chart?

Yes, many donut chart templates offer options to customize the size of the hole in the center, allowing you to create a chart that best fits your needs.

5. Can I export my donut chart as an image or PDF?

Yes, most software programs that support donut chart creation allow you to export your chart as an image or PDF file, making it easy to share or include in presentations or reports.


Donut charts are a powerful tool for visualizing numerical proportions in a clear and engaging way. By using donut chart templates, you can create visually appealing and informative data visualizations that effectively communicate your message. Experiment with different customization options and make use of the sample templates provided to create impactful donut charts for your next project.


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