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Writing a cover letter is an essential part of the job application process. It allows you to introduce yourself and highlight your qualifications in a concise and professional manner. While traditional cover letters are typically sent as attachments, email cover letters have become increasingly popular in recent years. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive email cover letter template that you can use as a starting point for your job applications.

The Importance of an Email Cover Letter

An email cover letter serves as the first impression you make on a potential employer. It is your opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and enthusiasm for the position you are applying for. A well-written email cover letter can grab the attention of the hiring manager and make them want to learn more about you.

Key Elements of an Email Cover Letter

When crafting an email cover letter, it is important to include the following key elements:

1. Subject Line: Your subject line should be clear and concise, indicating the purpose of your email and the position you are applying for.

2. Salutation: Address the recipient by name, if possible. If you are unsure of the person’s gender or name, use a generic salutation such as “Dear Hiring Manager.”

3. Introduction: Begin your email by introducing yourself and stating the position you are applying for. Mention how you found out about the job opening and express your enthusiasm for the opportunity.

4. Body: In the body of your email, elaborate on your qualifications and relevant experience. Highlight specific achievements or skills that make you a strong candidate for the position. Keep your paragraphs short and to the point.

5. Conclusion: End your email cover letter by summarizing your qualifications and expressing your interest in further discussing your potential fit for the role. Thank the recipient for their time and consideration.

Email Cover Letter Template

Subject: Application for [Job Title]

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the [Job Title] position at [Company Name], as advertised on [Job Board/Company Website]. I am confident that my skills and experience make me a strong candidate for this role.

In my previous role as [Previous Position], I [highlight specific achievements or responsibilities that are relevant to the job you are applying for]. I have a proven track record of [mention key accomplishments or skills that align with the requirements of the position].

I am particularly drawn to [Company Name] because of [mention specific reasons why you are interested in the company or position]. I am impressed by [specific aspects of the company’s mission, values, or recent achievements]. I believe that my skills and experience align well with the goals of [Company Name], and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the team.

Please find attached my resume for your review. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications and how I can contribute to [Company Name]. Thank you for considering my application.


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Email Cover Letter Template

1. Should I include a cover letter when emailing my resume?

Yes, it is always a good idea to include a cover letter when emailing your resume. A well-written email cover letter can help you stand out from other applicants and demonstrate your interest in the position.

2. Can I use the same email cover letter for multiple job applications?

While it may be tempting to use the same email cover letter for multiple job applications, it is best to customize each cover letter to the specific position and company you are applying to. This shows that you have taken the time to research the company and tailor your application to their needs.

3. How long should my email cover letter be?

Your email cover letter should be concise and to the point. Aim for no more than three to four paragraphs, with each paragraph focusing on a specific point or qualification.

4. Should I attach my resume to the email or paste it into the body of the email?

It is best to attach your resume as a separate document to the email. This ensures that the formatting of your resume remains intact and makes it easier for the hiring manager to save and review your application.

5. How should I address the recipient if I don’t know their name?

If you are unsure of the recipient’s name or gender, it is best to use a generic salutation such as “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear [Company Name] Recruiter.”


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