First Grade Lesson Plan Ideas For 2023

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Lesson Plans! I Love 1st Grade
Lesson Plans! I Love 1st Grade from

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First Grade Lesson Plan Ideas for 2023


Teaching first grade is an exciting job. It’s fun to watch the kids grow and learn throughout the year. It can be challenging to come up with new and engaging lesson plans each day. To help with this, here are three ideas for first grade lesson plans that are sure to be a hit with your students.

Lesson Plan 1: Backyard Nature Exploration

For this lesson, have students explore the nature in their backyard. Have them look for plants, insects, and animals. Encourage them to take pictures of what they find and write down observations. After exploring, have each student create a poster about what they found in their backyard. Have them share their posters with the class.

Lesson Plan 2: Build a Classroom Garden

This lesson plan will encourage students to get their hands dirty! Have students work together to build a classroom garden. Let them decide what plants to grow and how to care for them. After the garden is built, have them take turns watering and caring for it. This will teach them responsibility and the importance of taking care of nature.

Lesson Plan 3: Create a Bird Feeder

This lesson plan encourages creativity and problem-solving skills. Have students work together to create a bird feeder. Provide them with materials such as wood, string, and birdseed. Encourage them to be creative and come up with a unique design. Once the bird feeder is complete, have them hang it outside and observe the birds that come to eat from it.


First grade can be a challenging but rewarding year for teachers. With these three lesson plan ideas, you’ll be sure to keep your students engaged and excited about learning. Try out these ideas in your classroom and watch your students thrive!

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