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Saturday, December 9th 2023. | Invitation Templates
Free Baby Shower Invitation Templates Microsoft Word
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The Importance of Baby Shower Invitations

Planning a baby shower is an exciting time for friends and family of the expectant parents. It’s a time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby and shower the parents with love and support. One of the first steps in planning a baby shower is sending out invitations. Baby shower invitations not only provide guests with the details of the event, but they also set the tone and theme for the celebration. Finding the perfect invitation can be a challenge, but luckily there are many free invitation templates available online for baby showers.

Where to Find Free Invitation Templates

There are numerous websites that offer free invitation templates for baby showers. These templates can be customized with the details of the event and personal touches to make them unique. Some popular websites that offer free invitation templates include:

1. Canva

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform that offers a wide range of templates, including baby shower invitations. They have a variety of designs to choose from, and you can easily customize the template with your own text, images, and colors.

2. Evite

Evite is a popular online invitation service that also offers free baby shower invitation templates. They have a selection of modern and stylish designs that can be personalized with the event details and guest list.

3. Greetings Island

Greetings Island is a website that specializes in printable invitations and cards. They have a collection of adorable baby shower invitation templates that can be customized and downloaded for free. You can also choose to print the invitations at home or have them professionally printed.

4. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a creative platform that allows you to easily design and customize invitations. They have a variety of baby shower templates to choose from, and you can add your own photos, text, and colors to make the invitations unique.

5. Paperless Post

Paperless Post is an online invitation service that offers both digital and printed invitations. They have a selection of free baby shower invitation templates that can be customized with your own text and images. You can choose to send the invitations electronically or have them printed and mailed to your guests.

How to Customize Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Once you have found a free invitation template that you like, you can easily customize it to fit your needs. Most websites will allow you to add your own text, images, and colors to the template. Here are some tips for customizing baby shower invitation templates:

1. Choose the Right Colors

Consider the theme and color scheme of the baby shower when selecting the colors for your invitations. You can match the colors to the nursery or choose a gender-neutral palette.

2. Add Personalized Text

Include all the necessary information for the baby shower, such as the date, time, location, and RSVP details. You can also add a personal message or quote to make the invitations more special.

3. Include Photos

If you have ultrasound images or maternity photos, you can add them to the invitations to make them more personalized. This is a great way to share the excitement of the upcoming arrival with your guests.

4. Consider the Format

Decide whether you want to send digital invitations via email or social media, or if you prefer to print physical invitations. Some websites offer both options, so you can choose the format that works best for you.

5. Proofread and Review

Before finalizing your invitations, make sure to proofread the text and review the design. Check for any spelling or grammatical errors, and ensure that all the information is correct.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Invitation Templates for Baby Showers

1. Are free invitation templates for baby showers really free?

Yes, the websites mentioned above offer free invitation templates that you can customize and download without any cost. However, some websites may offer premium templates or additional features that come with a price.

2. Can I print the invitations at home?

Yes, many of the free invitation templates can be printed at home. You can use your own printer and paper to create professional-looking invitations. Alternatively, you can also choose to have them professionally printed.

3. Can I use the templates for other occasions?

While the templates are designed specifically for baby showers, you can certainly use them for other occasions with minor modifications. Simply change the text and images to match the theme of your event.

4. Can I customize the templates on my phone?

Most of the websites mentioned above have mobile-friendly versions of their platforms, allowing you to customize the templates on your phone or tablet. However, it may be easier to use a computer for more precise editing.

5. Can I use my own images in the templates?

Yes, you can typically upload your own images to the templates to make them more personal. This is a great way to include ultrasound images or maternity photos in the invitations.

6. Can I save and edit the invitations later?

Yes, most websites will allow you to save your customized invitations so that you can edit them later if needed. This is useful if you want to make changes or send the invitations at a later date.

7. Can I track RSVPs with the online invitations?

Some websites offer RSVP tracking features for online invitations. This allows you to easily manage and keep track of the guest list, including who has RSVPed and any special requests or dietary restrictions.

8. Can I send the invitations via email?

Yes, many of the websites mentioned above allow you to send the invitations via email. This is a convenient and eco-friendly option, especially if you have a large guest list.

9. Can I use my own fonts in the templates?

Some websites may offer the option to upload your own fonts, allowing you to further customize the invitations. However, most templates will already have a selection of fonts to choose from.

10. Can I share the templates with others?

While the templates are typically for personal use, you can share the links to the websites or recommend them to others who are planning baby showers. This can be helpful for friends or family members who are also looking for free invitation templates.


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