Liquor Inventory Template

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Liquor Inventory Template

Liquor Inventory Template

This page allows the user to quickly and easily fill in blanks and easily calculate potential usage and product order requirements.

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Liquor Inventory Template

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Liquor Inventory Template

Restaurant Inventory Sheet

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Liquor Inventory Template

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Managing Your Bar Inventory System

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Liquor Inventory Template

This type of data sharing may be considered a “sale” of information under California privacy laws. By opting out of personalized advertising, you opt out of this “marketing”. Learn more in our privacy policy. In the Help Center and in the Cookies and Similar Technologies Policy. Ever since I wrote about cocktail menu pricing a million years ago, I’ve gotten requests from bartenders, bar managers, and bar owners for some guidance on how to keep inventory and calculate pour costs. This is quite surprising to me as there are several tasks in our business that are to blame for our monthly inventory. Anyway, I thought it was time to share.

I would never admit it, but I feel lucky to have had a rude awakening in 2001. I had just quit my job in clubs and immediately joined a small cocktail program at a new company. restaurant. This was great until two weeks later when my bosses told me that I would be taking inventory every two weeks and that there would be a meeting once a month to discuss my numbers. What about me now? I didn’t know the first thing about numbers other than girls’ phone numbers. But I did it respectfully but ruthlessly because it was my job.

Liquor Inventory Template

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Usually done the night after a busy service or the morning before service begins, taking inventory is a necessary task that allows you to understand the financial position of the bar after accounting for pouring costs. This pour cost indicator gives a true picture of a bar’s financial health and highlights things like theft, cheap menu items and pour accuracy. Without it, you don’t know what’s going on in your bar.

You should already know, or be able to easily find, points 1 and 2. If not, stop reading now; If you don’t know how much you bought or sold, you don’t need to. 3 and 4, I will help you find.

Liquor Inventory Template

First you need to make a list of every bottle you carry in the bar. I got you started with a simple spreadsheet I created for this purpose. We imagine it’s from a fictional bar with the world’s worst drink selection.

Liquor Order Form

Enter each bottle you carry and the price of each bottle into this spreadsheet. Note that the size of the bottle is not required here, only the name and price. Do it now.

Liquor Inventory Template

Good. Now we need to get our starting inventory so we have something to start with. Inventory numbers are worthless without an inventory start and end, so you have to go through this crap twice, once at the beginning and once at the end. The bigger your rear end, the more you hate it. Trust me on this one.

The easiest method that doesn’t involve measuring bottles or anything is to visually mark how much liquid is in each bottle. Now, of course. It’s not the most accurate system in the world, but it’s a quick and dirty method used by bars around the world that aren’t large corporate establishments. If you want to weigh your own bottles and do this, be my guest. You get absolute precision and that’s pretty radical. The rest of you come here.

Liquor Inventory Template

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Look at your bottle and mentally divide it by ten. Decide where the liquid line falls and make an educated guess about the contents. Here’s a picture to show you what I’m talking about:

Make a decision and enter this number into the spreadsheet. Repeat until you have recorded each bottle on your strip.

Liquor Inventory Template

So next month, let’s say you sell a lot of liquor and hopefully buy a few bottles too. Record every coin you buy and sell from the time you complete your beginning inventory until you begin your ending inventory. Oh, and don’t buy or sell anything while you’re actually doing that inventory. It goes without saying, but it will mess up your numbers. This means you have to do it when the bar is closed. Sorry, leaked! You’re the one who wanted to own the bar in the first place, so don’t blame me.

Perpetual Inventory & Ordering Template

After the deadline, take stock again and enter those numbers into the spreadsheet I provided. Now you’re armed with all four numbers on the table: beginning inventory, ending inventory, total alcohol sold, and total alcohol purchased.

Liquor Inventory Template

Good. Now that you have all the numbers you need, it’s time to calculate the cost of the pour (I’m such a nice guy, I even included it in the spreadsheet you let me download, but I’ll show you how it’s done anyway. )

The cost of bottling is calculated as follows: it’s how much alcohol you drank when you started, how much you spent on it, minus how much you had on hand, divided by the amount sold. Multiply that number by 100 and add a percent to the end, and you’ll get the cost of the pour. Now remember that this article only tells you how to get that number. What number should you be on, what should you do with that number, etc. – the subject of a much longer article.

Liquor Inventory Template

Concession Stand Inventory Spreadsheet

Anyway, I hope this spreadsheet is useful to some of you. If there’s enough interest in this interesting topic, we might start a conversation in the comments section about what to do once we understand what it is. You know, in the interest of serving our managers everywhere. As always, thanks for reading.

These are the books and tools I use every day to make drinks at home and behind the bar. Clicking on the product will take you to Amazon, which helps me maintain this site, so thanks in advance!

Liquor Inventory Template

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Liquor Inventory Template

Update! Click here to learn how to make these and other drinks! Summer is here in Oregon, which means grilling, camping, and river swimming are on the agenda for the coming months. I always like to arrive at a party with a gallon jug of pre-mixed margaritas, so I… A beverage inventory chart is used to take inventory of beverages in a bar, restaurant, grocery store, or liquor store. With our free online beverage inventory spreadsheet, you can expertly organize and

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