Tracking Your Mileage With Excel Templates

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Tracking Your Mileage with Excel Templates

What is Mileage and Why Should You Track It?

Mileage is a term used to describe the distance traveled for business purposes. Tracking mileage is important for businesses because it can help them save money on taxes. For example, if a company pays its employees to travel for business, they can deduct the cost of the trip from their taxes. If they don’t track the mileage, they won’t be able to take advantage of this deduction. Tracking mileage is also important for businesses that use their own vehicles for business purposes, as they can deduct a portion of the costs associated with owning and operating the vehicle.

What is an Excel Template?

An Excel template is a pre-built document that includes all of the fields, formulas, and formatting necessary for a particular task. In this case, an Excel template for tracking mileage can be used to quickly and easily track the distance traveled for business purposes. The template will include fields for entering the start and end points of a trip, as well as fields for entering the time, date, and purpose of the trip. It will also include a formula for calculating the total distance traveled. The template can then be customized to include additional fields, such as the cost of the trip, the vehicle used, and the purpose of the trip.

Benefits of Using an Excel Template

Using an Excel template to track mileage has several advantages. First, it saves time. By using a pre-built template, much of the setup and formatting has already been completed, so all you have to do is enter the necessary information. Second, it ensures accuracy. Since the formulas and formatting are already in place, you can be sure that the calculations will be accurate and the data will be correctly formatted. Finally, using an Excel template can make it easier to analyze the data. The template will include charts and graphs that can be used to visualize the mileage data, making it easier to spot patterns or trends.

Where to Find an Excel Template for Mileage Tracking

Excel templates for tracking mileage can be found online. Many websites offer free templates that can be downloaded and used immediately. Some websites also offer premium templates that include additional features, such as the ability to track multiple vehicles or multiple trips. It’s important to read the descriptions of the templates carefully to ensure that you’re getting the features you need. Once you’ve found the template you want, simply download it and open it in Excel.


Tracking mileage is important for businesses, as it can help them save money on taxes. An Excel template can be used to quickly and easily track the distance traveled for business purposes. Excel templates are available for free online, and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. With an Excel template, you can save time and ensure accuracy while also making it easier to analyze the data. So, if you’re looking for a way to track your business mileage, an Excel template may be the perfect solution.