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Petty Cash Log. Meanwhile, a petty cash log or form is the official spreadsheet or document used to track all the small expenses spent via petty cash. Moreover, it is generally operated on an imprest system.

40 Petty Cash Log Templates & Forms [Excel, PDF, Word] ᐅ
40 Petty Cash Log Templates & Forms [Excel, PDF, Word] ᐅ from

Petty cash for meeting refreshments, reimbursing an employee for office supplies she, or other miscellaneous expenses. Petty cash is basically an amount of money used for small payments in the organization. Petty cash templates are customizable, and you can tailor them to your unique company needs.

Cash Can Be Kept In A Safe Or Petty Cash Box.

Go to an atm, or write a check to petty cash. Petty cash is used to purchase small items like stationery, meeting refreshments. Petty cash log month :

The Petty Cash Log Makes It Easier To Write A Company’s Financial Statement From How Much Money Was Spent In A Particular Timeframe, What They Were Spent For, And Other Crucial Data.

Petty cash is a small number of funds that the company keeps in a safe location. According to, petty cash funds help pay for the little expenses that are not necessarily part of the initial budget that the company has proposed for things like toiletries and office supplies. Petty cash log excel template.

The Float Is The Maximum Amount With Which You Start Off Your Cash Box.

Petty cash is basically an amount of money used for small payments in the organization. In a petty cash log template, you must make sure the following components are included: Petty cash refers to a small amount of money on hand for official use.

You May Decide $50 Is Enough To Start With, So The Float Is $50.00.

The cash we keep in a small safe or locked file cabinet, perhaps in an manila envelope. Date detail cash in cash out balance total cash left. It is used by sellers at markets and fairs.

Decide On The Petty Cash Float.

Set an initial amount, a replenishment threshold, and a withdrawal limit. This petty cash template includes date, receipt, description, deposits, and withdrawals. A petty cash log, as you may have gathered from its name, is a document that a company or a business uses to record the small amounts of cash that they spend, such as for reimbursing an employee for buying office supplies, paying the postal courier, paying for food and a company meeting, and other miscellaneous expenses that require payment in cash.

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