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A printable order template is a useful tool for businesses and individuals alike. It provides a structured format for placing orders and helps to streamline the ordering process. Whether you are ordering products, services, or supplies, having a printable order template can save you time and ensure accuracy. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a printable order template, provide sample templates, and answer frequently asked questions about these templates.

Benefits of Using a Printable Order Template

Using a printable order template offers several benefits:

1. Organization

A printable order template allows you to keep track of all the necessary information in one place. It typically includes fields for the customer’s name, contact details, shipping address, order details, quantity, price, and payment information. By having all this information in a structured format, you can easily refer to it when needed and avoid any confusion or errors.

2. Time-saving

With a printable order template, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you need to place an order. The template provides a pre-designed format that you can simply fill in with the specific details of each order. This saves you time and effort, especially if you frequently place similar orders.

3. Accuracy

Using a printable order template reduces the chances of making mistakes or forgetting important details. The template acts as a checklist, ensuring that all the necessary information is included. This helps to minimize errors and ensures that the order is processed correctly.

4. Professionalism

A printable order template gives your ordering process a professional touch. It shows that you have a system in place and are organized in your business operations. This can leave a positive impression on your customers and suppliers, enhancing your reputation and credibility.

Sample Printable Order Templates

Here are five sample printable order templates that you can use as a starting point:

1. Simple Order Template

This template is ideal for basic orders and includes fields for customer information, order details, quantity, price, and total amount.

2. Product Order Template

This template is specifically designed for ordering products. It includes additional fields for product name, SKU, and any customization options.

3. Service Order Template

If you provide services, this template is perfect for placing service orders. It includes fields for service details, duration, and any special instructions.

4. Supplier Order Template

This template is tailored for ordering supplies from suppliers. It includes fields for supplier information, order details, quantity, and price per unit.

5. Custom Order Template

If your business deals with custom orders, this template allows you to include specific fields for customization options, measurements, and any additional requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Printable Order Templates

1. Why should I use a printable order template?

A printable order template helps to organize your ordering process, saves time, ensures accuracy, and adds professionalism to your business.

2. Can I customize the printable order template to suit my business needs?

Absolutely! The beauty of printable order templates is that they can be customized to fit your specific requirements. You can add or remove fields, change the layout, and include your company logo.

3. Are there any free printable order templates available?

Yes, there are many websites that offer free printable order templates. You can download and use them as-is or customize them to suit your needs.

4. How do I fill in a printable order template?

Simply enter the relevant information in each field of the template. Make sure to provide accurate details to avoid any issues with the order.

5. Can I use a printable order template for online orders?

While printable order templates are primarily designed for manual orders, you can also use them for online orders. Simply fill in the template digitally and email it to the appropriate party.


A printable order template is a valuable tool for any business or individual who regularly places orders. It provides organization, saves time, ensures accuracy, and adds professionalism to the ordering process. By utilizing the sample templates provided and customizing them as needed, you can streamline your ordering process and improve efficiency. Start using a printable order template today and experience the benefits firsthand!


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