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Writing a recommendation letter for a college application can be a daunting task. It’s important to strike the right balance between showcasing the applicant’s strengths and providing an honest evaluation. To help you through this process, we have created a recommendation letter template for college that you can use as a starting point. This template will guide you in highlighting the applicant’s qualifications and character traits that make them a strong candidate for admission to college.

Template Structure

When writing a recommendation letter, it’s crucial to follow a proper structure to ensure clarity and coherence. The template we have provided follows a three-paragraph structure:

Paragraph 1: Introduction

The first paragraph should introduce yourself and your relationship with the applicant. Mention how long you have known the applicant and in what capacity. This will establish your credibility and provide context for the rest of the letter.

Paragraph 2: Qualifications and Achievements

In the second paragraph, focus on the applicant’s qualifications and achievements. Highlight their academic strengths, extracurricular activities, leadership skills, and any notable accomplishments. Provide specific examples and anecdotes to support your claims. This paragraph should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to excel in a college setting.

Paragraph 3: Personal Traits and Recommendation

The third and final paragraph should emphasize the applicant’s personal traits and why you believe they would be a valuable addition to the college community. Discuss their character, work ethic, integrity, and any other qualities that make them stand out. Conclude the letter by expressing your strong recommendation for the applicant’s admission to college.

Sample Recommendation Letter

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing this letter to highly recommend [Applicant’s Name] for admission to [College/University Name]. I have had the pleasure of knowing [Applicant’s Name] for [number of years] as [your relationship to the applicant].

[Applicant’s Name] is an exceptional individual who possesses a unique combination of intelligence, dedication, and creativity. In my [number of years] of working with them, I have witnessed their outstanding academic performance and unwavering commitment to their studies.

Not only does [Applicant’s Name] excel in the classroom, but they also actively participate in various extracurricular activities. They have been a key member of our school’s debate team, consistently demonstrating strong communication and critical thinking skills. Additionally, [Applicant’s Name] has taken on leadership roles in several community service projects, showcasing their ability to work collaboratively and make a positive impact.

What sets [Applicant’s Name] apart is their exceptional work ethic and passion for learning. They consistently go above and beyond what is expected of them, always seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. [Applicant’s Name] is not only a diligent student but also a compassionate and empathetic individual who is always willing to lend a helping hand to their peers.

Based on my extensive interaction with [Applicant’s Name], I have no doubt that they will thrive in a college environment. Their intellectual curiosity and commitment to personal growth will undoubtedly contribute to the college community in a meaningful way. I wholeheartedly recommend [Applicant’s Name] for admission to your esteemed institution.

Thank you for considering [Applicant’s Name]’s application. Please feel free to reach out to me if you require any further information or have any questions.


[Your Name]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How long should a recommendation letter for college be?

A recommendation letter for college should typically be around one to two pages in length. It’s important to provide enough detail to support your claims, but also to be concise and to the point.

2. Can I use this template for multiple recommendation letters?

Absolutely! This template can be customized and used for multiple recommendation letters. Just make sure to personalize each letter to highlight the specific qualities and achievements of each applicant.

3. Is it necessary to address the letter to a specific person?

While it’s ideal to address the letter to a specific person, such as the admissions committee or a specific individual at the college, if you are unsure, a general salutation like “Dear Admissions Committee” will suffice.

4. Should I include my contact information in the letter?

Yes, it’s a good idea to include your contact information at the end of the letter. This allows the admissions committee to reach out to you if they have any further questions or require additional information.

5. Can I include negative aspects in the recommendation letter?

While it’s important to provide an honest evaluation, it’s generally best to focus on the applicant’s strengths and positive qualities. If there are any areas of improvement, it’s advisable to address them in a constructive and supportive manner.


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