Recruitment Marketing Plan

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Recruitment Marketing Plan – Getting buy-in to your recruitment marketing strategy can be difficult – even for seasoned practitioners. The secret to winning the support of talent acquisition directors and hiring managers is in how you present your plan. Get technical tips and examples in this blog post and download our latest template!

Buying ideas for your recruitment marketing campaign can be difficult – even for seasoned practitioners. You may be offering a new recruitment marketing strategy that your company has never tried, maybe you’ve never even tried! The secret to winning leadership support for talent acquisition and hiring managers is in how you present your program.

Recruitment Marketing Plan

Recruitment Marketing Plan

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create and deliver a campaign using a professional recruitment marketing campaign template and a data-driven approach. Even if you encounter some skeptics, they will be convinced by the substance of your ideas, the discipline of your project and the evaluation of your results. It won’t take much time for you to gain their trust and more budget to bring effective recruitment marketing strategies to your company.

Free Recruitment Agency Business Plan Template

As you present your recruitment marketing program to talent leaders and hiring managers, a good place to start is to set their expectations before the actions you take and the results you deliver. This shows that there is a process behind your application and that you are clear about what it takes to be successful. This helps justify the stakeholder’s idea that there is a “quick fix” to the writing problem. (If only!)

An effective way to set and manage expectations is to use a timeline that walks your stakeholders through each step required to plan and execute a recruitment marketing campaign. For hiring managers who are used to posting on job boards or traditional search methods, they don’t understand how a search marketing campaign is different and why you need more information to be successful. Show them a timeline from start to finish, use it to define your strategy, explain where you want their feedback, and let them know when you’ve given them a roadmap to success. At the very least, looking at the timeline will help change their opinion – while you fully expect the campaign to work – it will take weeks or months (not days) to do so.

Typically, a recruitment marketing campaign is created to support a recruitment initiative, be it a large-scale recruitment initiative such as opening a new business or office location, or a targeted recruitment process to find a hard-to-fill or next level. work Semester Internship Program. Your contacts may be thinking in terms of the money they want to make. But a successful recruitment marketing campaign can generate many benefits for a business, both short-term and long-term, both in quantity and quality.

For example, your company may need to hire a new customer service representative. Hattie’s managers need to hire 20 people by the end of March. But later in the year you’ll find that you need to build a talent pipeline of applicants that can support rapid expansion. Additionally, many customer service representatives in your company will move on to other roles within the first year on the job, so it’s important to hire for their strengths. And finally, the campaign should attract candidates who have a culture fit and align with the organization’s core values, diverse team and inclusive culture.

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In our recruitment marketing campaign template (free download), we recommend including the top 4 business needs on one slide, followed by a number-based slide detailing achievable goals. This way you understand your talent recruiting goals by communicating to your key stakeholders showing business needs aligned with promotional goals, which is to fill jobs. But at the same time, you’re communicating that your recruitment marketing efforts are helping the company in other ways to get credit, so you can measure the full return on investment (ROI) of your campaign.

There are many digital marketing strategies and tactics available in the app. There’s a good chance that many of the methods you’re considering are new to the way your company operates. Heck, you might even be trying out a new marketing strategy or subscription channel! It’s not easy to buy from a key partner using a strategy they’re unfamiliar with, especially when you’re asking for a budget. So as you pitch your campaign, take the opportunity to educate talent leaders and hiring managers on the rationale for your proposal.

For example, if your company serves the customer service sector and jobs are distant in the foreseeable future, your strategy is to leverage your startup capital to build a social network and attract and hire talent from the new Work Anywhere Workforce (WAWF). Fans and talent network. Here’s how you can present your idea in a way that explains the “what” and the “why”:

Recruitment Marketing Plan

Campaign Strategy: A multi-channel recruitment marketing campaign using programmatic job marketing to attract new talent and convert existing talent from our social media following and talent network.

Data Points That Prove Recruitment Marketing Is Growing

As you take your stakeholders through your planning process and get their feedback and feedback, it’s a good idea to list the KPIs (key performance indicators) for the job you’re hiring for. For example, you should show the average cost per click, cost per click, cost per qualified applicant, and cost of advertising the job. This will help provide an overview of your budget request.

When presenting the budget, present a slide that describes the main features of your campaign. In our example, the main methods used are programmatic job advertising, sponsored social media posts, and the actual activity of your talent network. But don’t forget to indicate that part of the budget will be used for production like writing and graphics. Even more compelling if you can show the design you plan to use (even a mockup) and what message you believe resonates with your competitor and how it compares to what your competitor’s talent is doing.

Once you’ve run your campaign, it’s time to present your final results, key learnings and recommendations to talent management and hiring managers. This is an important step that is often overlooked! One of the most powerful ways to build credibility (and gain support for a future campaign) is to tell your stakeholders what you’re going to do and when and on time and on budget, and then show them what you’ll do. achieved They were given for themselves.

Here you can show your partners that you control your budget and that you are data driven! In our recruitment marketing campaign template, the results of each strategy are displayed side-by-side using donut charts for each key metric, so stakeholders can easily see if the strategy met or exceeded expectations, or if the strategy did not.

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We recommend reusing the campaign goals slide (they know from your first presentation) and show the final numbers with up/down arrows to show the difference between the goal and actual results. Follow up with numbers and illustrations detailing the key learnings from your campaign, what worked and what didn’t, and your suggestions for future recruiting plans and your suggestions for the business unit. Remember, not all ideas will work or work as you expect. This is the nature of good marketing – we must always try and improve and get smarter and better!

Congratulations on executing your recruitment marketing campaign and communicating your strategy and results to your key stakeholders in a professional, data-driven manner. It takes a while to see

You will present your ideas to gain the trust of talent leaders and hiring managers to support your next big idea and invest new ideas in recruitment marketing in 2021. Recruiting activities of the Talent Acquisition team have been successful.

Recruitment Marketing Plan

In this post, I’ll share the approach we take at Qualtrics to develop quality and pipeline building opportunities related to recruiting events that join our TA team.

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It is challenging and may vary a bit from organization to organization, but in my opinion should be a real experience.

Our job as marketing consultants should be to help build buzz around your company event using other methods from our digital tools like social media and our blog posts.

Using our channels and content, we can reach out to event attendees to let them know why it’s important to interact with us at this event. You have the opportunity to build brand awareness before day one to increase the likelihood that the event will have the personalized ROI you’re looking for.

A straight-forward approach

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